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Please read the following waiver and indicate your understanding by checking the box in the Registration Form above.   I hereby understand that cycling and the Ride I have registered for above can and will be strenuous and I voluntarily accept any risks of participating, including those that could arise as a result of negligence. Furthermore, I release B1 Gruppo Inc. and their representative(s) conducting this event, event organizers and all associated service providers and sponsors from any liability associated with my participation now and into the future. 

After pressing Submit, you will be redirected to the donations page where you can make your donation directly to the Cancer Foundation.* You will receive your draw tickets at the event, and you will receive a donation receipt directly from the foundation.

* $30 Minimum donation please

B1 RIDE TO CRUSH CANCER - Registration Form

Note: $50 Minimum donation required on next page.

Registrations include 1 ticket for great draw prizes!*

​​Registrations with a donation of $50.00 or more receive 3 tickets for great draw prizes as well as 1 entry for a chance of winning the Grand Prize!

*Minimum $30 donation required in addition to Registration fee.