At Your Service!

B1 Gruppo has partnered with a leading Certified Professional Bike Fitting Service to ensure that all our customers get the best fit possible. 

Our fitting team is passionate about the sport of cycling and believe that in order to enjoy this wonderful sport to its fullest, you need to be comfortable above all else. Whether you are a weekly commuter, a dedicated charity rider, serious recreational club rider, elite or professional athlete, road or mountain, it all starts with finding the best position possible for you. Once you are comfortable, then and only then can performance be optimized. 

We believe that a person’s bicycle when fitted correctly should feel like an extension of their own body, the perfect union between Rider and Machine. You should feel comfortable, safe, balanced, strong and always in control.

The Procedure:
Step 1: The Interview
Step 2: Foot Assessment
Step 3: Flexibility and Postural Assessment
Step 4: On Bike Assessment
Step 5: Evaluation and Recommendations

Your full fitting experience is part of every Bormio Frame/Bike purchase with B1 Gruppo. However you don't have to have a Bormio bike or frame to take advantage of our great fitting services. We can provide fitting for any and all brands of bikes as well. Contact us for more details or to book an appointment!