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Social and Competitive Rides!

B1 Gruppo Cycling Team brings even more value and social interaction to cycling. The Club with the most ride options in the GTA, 5 rides to choose from every week! With a focus on getting everyone out on their bikes, the B1 Gruppo Cycling Club offers a variety of weekly rides for riders of all abilities.
Groups of like abilities will ride together.


Joining the club requires a  yearly membership which expires on December 31st of each calendar year. The membership costs cover club administration fees, club insurance and includes a B1 Gruppo Cycling Club Jersey.


This 2021 club offer is only open to 2020 registrants and your club registration information from 2020 will be reviewed to ascertain eligibility. 

2021 Club Registration


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  • This offer is only for B1 members who signed up in 2020 and paid for their jersey and membership.

  • All members registering with the club understand the restrictions that Covid-19 have put on us and with this in mind understand that we may be running the club a little differently when it comes to the number of riders in each group and the number of rides per week. We hope to operate at full capacity at some point this year but there are no guarantees!

  • Currently projecting rides on Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday Saturday & Sunday.  

  • As always, the club with most ride options in the GTA.

  • Riders must wear club jersey on all club rides.

  • Membership Type: Affiliate Club/Team Membership

  • Memberships expire Dec. 31st, 2021

  • B1 Gruppo Cycling Team