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New Designed Training Plan for 2022-2023


Right On Chart

​New Designed Training Plan for 2022-2023!
Classes start November 8th, 2022

NEW and IMPROVED RIGHT ON Studio and Studio at home 2022-2023 Training plan!
Building a Big aerobic base and Increase your Power!

We dive right into it! With our B1 FTP Ramp Test to set your training zones, principally the all important B1 Right ON training zones!
Our second test before the Holliday break will measure your improvement and update your training zones and a third test will do the same.
Riders can expect to increase their FTP by 5 - 20%!

This all new plan for 2022/23 combines workouts from B1 Right On 2021/22 in a progressive optimized training plan design.
We start off with technique and cadence maintenance
and quickly progress into Right On zones and  volume each week.

In the final Periodization of this plan we will be doing long sweet spot TSS rides on weekends and shorter structured 'wintertime intensity' during the work week.
Along with our Sunday Group B1 Zwift Endurance Rides,
We will also be include monthly B1 Zwift Races to keep us sharp and rev-up the intensity!
Races are not mandatory and you should talk to coach for recommendation.

What is B1 Right On Training?


Before I define it, I thought it best to explain why it's so important to perform this kind of training- if you want to get stronger on the bike.


When you train or workout, there are six or seven (depends on who you talk to) training zones that you can workout in.  They are as follows:

Zone 1- Endurance or Active Recovery
Zone 2- Aerobic Capacity
Zone 3- Tempo
Zone 4- Threshold
Zone 5- VO2max
Zone 6-7- Anaerobic Capacity


Each one of these training zones has a different physiological effect that your body adapts to.  The below chart best describes the adaptations:

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New Software application + Detailed Training Plan
Immensely powerful data intelligence allowing for complete performance analysis
Detailed statistical information on individual performance and overall progress
Analyzer will identify your physiological strengths and weaknesses, to determine what “type” of rider you are 
(Climber, All-rounder, Sprinter, Puncheur, etc)


Club Racing coming Fall/Winter 2022/2023

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